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FotoJet is the handiest photo editor online with all the features that cover your needs for photo editing. With the editing options, photo effects, text and clipart images, you will find it interesting to edit photos online.


Edit Photos with Ease and Fun!

You can edit photos by using the basic options such as crop, resize, rotate and straighten; or you can try advanced features such as sharpen, dehaze, vignette, radial & tilt shift. Do not forget to apply photo effects and filters, add text and clipart images, which will definitely lighten up your photos.

Resize Images

Sometimes, you have to resize images for some uses, such as printing or sharing via social media. Our image resizer will handle all of your resizing needs.

Crop Photos

With our photo cropper, you can cut the mess and redundant parts of your photos in your favorite photo ratio.

Rotate & Flip

Not only can you rotate your photos clockwise or vertically, but you can also adjust the photos within little angles.

Photo Enhance

The auto-enhance feature will adjust the exposure, color and so on for your photos automatically. You can enhance your photos in only a single click with our photo enhancer.

Radial & Tilt Shift

Get someone to focus on a specific part of your photos with our radial and tilt shift feature. It is the perfect balance of clear focus and selective blurring effects.


Vignette a photo by covering the rounded edges with colors, which gives you the capability to design your own lomo effects.

Photo Filters and Effects

Applying photo effects may be the easiest way to make your photos great. Find the perfect effect for your photo from the vintage effects, black and white effects, lomo effects and so on.

Add Text to Photos

Let your photos "speak" by adding text to them. Design a watermark or convey your messages; our text editor has everything you could ever want.

Add Clipart to Photo

There is a wide range of clipart images in FotoJet, including heart, birthday, food, etc. Adding clipart to your photos is a great way to convey your feelings.

The Perfect and Free Photo Editor for You!

Photo editing is no longer lengthy hard work. With simple clicks to crop, resize and rotate, apply photo effects and add text, clipart images, your photo will be more than a scene you capture. Just edit your photos and make them real touching!