Add Watermarks to Photos Online

Watermark photos to protect them from unauthorized use or publicize your brand! Create a watermark to own the copyright of your photo now!

Add Text

It is the easiest way to add text to photos to customize photo watermarks! Try different fonts to find the best one for your brand or name. Adjust color, size and style of the text and place it to the right place of your photo.

Add text

Reduce Opacity

One important feature of the watermark is that it can be seen but cannot be noticeable! So, to watermark images, you should never ignore the step of reducing opacity of the text. Adjust the "Opacity" slider slightly until the text is transparent enough on your photo!

Reduce opacity

Outline and Glow

Watermarking pictures is not only to add text. You can do it in a more creative way by adjusting the outline and glow! Outline allows you to add a color line that surrounds your text; the glow will give text a shading effect in different colors! Go to create a watermark with you creativity and watermark your photos now!

Outline and glow