Tilt Shift Online

Through changing the focus mode to obtain a tilt shift effect, FotoJet's tilt-shift feature allows you to create tilt shift photos without special lenses!

What Can You Do With FotoJet Tilt Shift Maker

FotoJet makes it easy and fast for anyone to create tilt shift effect even know nothing about professional editing. The Tilt-shift feature simplify the process to create miniature effect to photo with simple clicks. Just start your exploration and create your art now!

Tilt Shift

Tilt shift photos give your brain the impression that the objects on photos are small, like miniature models. When we view something very closely, the background will out of our focus. Tilt-shift can obtain the same effect by focus on some objects while defocus on others.


Pick the Photo

To create the tilt shift effect, the photos taken on a higher ground and with wide views work better than others! Besides, photos of an overall scene usually work better than those of a single subject. So, photos of buildings, roads, cars and railways are excellent choices.

Pick a photo

Finishing Touch

Now you know how tilt shift works and how to choose an appropriate photo. There are final options to get the maximum miniature effect. The outer line to adjust the highlight area and the inner line to adjust the distance between the outer and inner lines! Using the “Blur” slider to adjust the blurring degree!

Finishing touch