8 Easy Ways to Make Wedding Invitations Unique

Whether you are a designer or not, it's not always that easy to find inspiration to design wedding invitations. Even if you have designed one, it may just look the same as other invitations, a normal and formal invitation that no one would give it a big "wow". Isn't it frustrating?

Wedding invitations are the first annunciation of wedding events. To achieve a great wedding, take some time and prepare a unique wedding invitation first.

After deciding on the time, date, and location of this happy event, you have all the information that you need. If you want to design gorgeous wedding invitations with a personal touch, make sure to select fonts and colors that match the wedding theme. You can always address professional wedding photo retouching services or create invitations by yourself using these helpful tips.

Here are 8 simple ways that will make your invitation stand out. Just keep reading and you will find yourself being creative to design.

01. Use Special Materials

Every time you think of wedding invitation cards, is a folded paper card coming to your mind? Forget that and try to use different materials to make wedding invitations, such as wood, iron. Combine your design with wood and iron to create a wedding invitation well, complete with different making craftsmanship, your invitation will catch guests' eyes immediately.

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02. Choose Proper Printing Methods

Choosing the right printing method will present your wedding invitation design better. And some of the methods will give a unique touch and visual effect to your invitation cards. Spending a little time to know some printing method such as engraving, foil stamping, Letterpress, digital printing etc. and taking your budget into consideration to create your wedding invitation perfectly.

03. Fold Patterns

Want to make a breathtaking wedding invitation? Use complex patterns instead of usual two folded patterns. Fold your invitations into magnificent shapes of distinct layers, it will take your breath away at the first sight.

04. Use Elements in Real Life

Don't get stuck by graphic design, make good use of elements in real life. For example, you can stick a real squid on your wedding invitation. Balance the element and design typography to make them construct well. Combining with what elements depends on the design style. Be more creative and brave, you will create a unique wedding invitation easily!

05. Create a Set

Putting a single wedding invitation card in an envelope and filling it with names and address and post it to somebody, is it your way to announce your wedding and ask people to your event? In fact, do some simple extra decorations to create a wedding invitation set will turn it up a notch. The decorations could be long thin banners to tie the invitation set, or a piece of cloth with patterns matching the design style to cover your invitation. Just do little extra work, your wedding invitations will be gorgeous.

06. Make it Fluorescent

Making a wedding invitation that can glow in the dark is another way that can play magic. Use the fluorescent substance and combine with the typography, your wedding invitation will glow when it gets dark and can show a different scene of picture.

07. Fun Tricks of Countdown

It is sweet to count down for your guests in case they forget time accidentally. Adding a countdown in your wedding invitation can be very novelty. For example, there are designers having made a very amazing wedding invitation that packages a chocolate. One piece of chocolate gone, one day less to the wedding day. Who won't be amazed at such a unique wedding invitation?

08. Paint and Write by Hands

Abadan all printing ways and return to handmade wedding invitations, all the images and text are created by one's hands. Every single letter and line are so touched. The only problem is that if you need a lot of wedding invitations, it doesn't sound a good ideas any more.

After all those tips, have your felt inspired? Why not unleash your creativity now?

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