Blur Images for Surreal Effects

Blur photos by changing the focus modes to create miniature scenes or blur effects with FotoJet's blur tool!

Blur Images

Blur an image to draw your audiences' attention to the exact part of your image! With FotoJet's blur tool, you are able to produce blur effects with ease! Create a soft effect or a miniature effect to apply to your photo; it will be fascinating!

Blur image

Tilt Shift

The objects of tilt-shift photos look like miniature models. FotoJet can help you create tilt shift effects easily by changing focus modes to highlight specific objects or areas in your photos! Please note that a photo of wide view and taken from a higher ground is easier to get a perfect mini effect through tilt shift!

Tilt shift

Radial Blur

Radial blur allows you focus on a specific part of your photo in circle! You can change the blur area and shape by adjusting the outer circle; if you enlarge or shrink the inner circle, you are changing the area of photo that will keep sharp and the distance between inner circle and outer circle! Once you decide the blur and sharp area, click "Apply" to finish editing!

Radial blur