Frequently asked questions and answers


What is FotoJet?

FotoJet is a great online graphic designer, collage maker & photo editor that will enable you to create amazing social media graphics, posters, flyers, banners, cards, collages, and also help you to edit photos without hassles.

What are the system and browser requirements for using FotoJet?

FotoJet is fully compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X and Linux. We recommend you to use it in Internet Explorer version 10.0 or higher, Firefox 10.0 or higher, Safari 7.0 or higher, and Google Chrome 14.0 or higher.

At this moment, you can’t use FotoJet on mobile devices or iPad. A mobile phone version of FotoJet is coming soon…

Do I have to create an account to use FotoJet?

You can directly use FotoJet without creating an account and still have access to the basic features. However, you are required to create an account when you use certain features.

How do I sign up for a FotoJet account?

Go to FotoJet homepage and on the top right corner, click LOGIN button. On this window, you can choose to connect with Facebook or sign up using an email address.

You'll receive a confirmation email, please click on the link to confirm your account.

Why can't I use my Facebook account to login to FotoJet?

If your Facebook has been registered with a telephone number, you may not login to FotoJet by connecting with it. You can complete your email address information in your Facebook account and then try again.

How to reset my password?

If you forgot your password and can’t login to FotoJet, you will find the Forgot password link on the login page after you click LOGIN button on the top right corner of FotoJet homepage.

Enter the email address associated with your FotoJet account and we will send you a link to reset your password.

In the email you received, click Reset my password link. Then create a new password for your account.

If you’ve logged in your account and want to change your password, go to My Account page and click Change Password. Enter your old password and create a new one. Then click Save.

Can I add photos directly from my Mac Photo App?

Yes. FotoJet supports adding photos directly from Mac Photo App. Please click Add Photo button in FotoJet app and then choose Computer. Next, from the popup window, choose Media -> Photos and then select the photos you want to open.

Why do I fail to add photos to FotoJet?

This may be caused by improper image format. FotoJet supports some common image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and BMP. Other image formats like RAW, and PIC are not supported. Please check the image format before uploading.

Does FotoJet store or use my photos?

We will only store the photos you specifically choose to upload to FotoJet cloud storage but please be assured that we never use your photos without your direct consent. You own the copyright for your photos even after you upload them to FotoJet and edit.

Can I use the pictures created by FotoJet for my business?

As long as you own the copyright to all the photos and content on the pictures you created, you will have access to using them for you business.

Is FotoJet available in other languages?

FotoJet is available in English, Deutsch, Español, Português, Français, 日本語, 简体中文, 繁體中文. By clicking Settings -> Language in FotoJet app, you can choose your preferred language from the dropdown menu.

How do I print my photo artwork?

FotoJet allows you to directly print your photo artwork out with your home printer. Simply click Print button and on the popup window make necessary print settings such as Destination, Pages, Copies and Layout, etc. to print it out.

You can also print your artwork with online printing services to make a poster, mug, t-shirt, etc.

Can I delete the FotoJet watermark on templates?

The FotoJet text watermark on templates is editable. You can just change it to your own text or delete it directly.

The FotoJet image watermark that appears on the top right of crowned content indicates that this one is available only to FotoJet Plus subscribers. It can’t be deleted and will automatically disappear after you upgrade to FotoJet Plus.

Billing & Payment

What are the benefits if I upgrade to FotoJet Plus?

When you upgrade to FotoJet Plus, you will get following exclusive benefits:

  • All advanced features.
  • Cloud storage.
  • 600+ premium templates.
  • 500+ premium resources.
  • Priority support service.
  • Ad free.

You can look forward for more updates with new content in future.

How to upgrade to FotoJet Plus?

You can upgrade to FotoJet Plus easily by clicking the Upgrade Now button on the top banner. Then login to your FotoJet account or sign up for an account if you are new to FotoJet. Next, choose from a monthly or annual plan and make payment for that to start your membership.

What methods of payment does FotoJet Plus accept?

Currently, you can use PayPal or credit card as the payment method for upgrading. And we accept following credit cards:

  1. Visa
  2. MasterCard
  3. American Express
  4. Diners Club
  1. Discover
  2. UnionPay
  3. JCB
  4. Maestro
  1. Forbrugsforeningen
  2. Dankort

How am I billed?

FotoJet Plus provides 2 paid plans for you:

  • Billed Monthly $6.99 USD/month
  • Billed Annually $3.33 USD/month = $39.99 USD/year, saving 50%

How do I renew my subscription?

Your subscription will automatically renew, unless you cancel it. For instance, if you choose a monthly paid plan on Jan 15th, your subscription will renew on the 15th of each subsequent month. For an annual paid plan, the renewal date will be on the same day of next year.

Is my payment information secure?

We use secure socket layer (SSL) internet encryption technology to protect the security of your payment information. Your information is 100% secure!

How can I confirm that my payment has been made?

After a payment is processed, you will receive an email notification that will let you know if your payment was processed successfully (with a receipt of your recent payment) or if there was a problem processing your payment.

Could I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time on My Account page by clicking "Cancel My Subscription" link at the bottom. If you confirm the cancellation, you will not be billed again on the next billing date. You can keep using your current paid plan until it ends.

Why my payment failed?

Your payment would fail for many reasons, and the most common reasons include:

  1. Insufficient balance of funds in your account.
  2. Credit card has expired.
  1. Payment rejected or delayed by your bank.

Please check your payment information and try to resubscribe again.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Sorry, currently we don’t support you changing your subscription plan directly. If you want to change, please choose “Cancel My Subscription” on your account page and then resubscribe for another plan.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer 7 day free trial during which you will not be charged. Once the free trial ends, you will be charged and the payment are non-refundable.

Photo Editor

Is there a size limitation for uploading photos in FotoJet?

The maximum image size FotoJet supports for uploading is 4000 x 4000 px. If you upload a photo larger than that, we will resize it within 4000 px automatically for a better performance.

Can I preview a photo effect before applying it to my photo?

Yes. Once you open a photo to FotoJet editor, you can preview how it will look on each effect instantly. When you decide a favorite effect and the intensity, click Apply to save the changes. Any adjustments you made within the effect will be reflected on your photo.

You can also preview how the photo that applied with one effect will look like on other photo effects.

Graphic Designer

How to replace the pictures on a template?

In FotoJet graphic designer, all the templates are embedded with beautiful pictures. If you want to use your own photos, simply add and drag the ones you like from photo list to replace the pictures on template.

What are the common sizes of designs in FotoJet graphic designer?

  1. Facebook Cover: 851 x 315 px
  2. Facebook Post: 940 x 788 px
  3. YouTube Channel Art: 2560 x 1440 px
  4. Google+ Cover: 1240 x 700 px
  5. Twitter Header: 1500 x 500 px
  6. Tumblr Banner: 3000 x 1055 px
  7. Email Header: 600 x 200 px
  1. Instagram Post: 1080 x 1080 px
  2. Pinterest Graphic: 735 x 1102 px
  3. Poster: 420 x 594 mm
  4. Flyer: 210 x 297 mm
  5. Invitation: 5 x 7 in
  6. Card: 7 x 5 in
  7. Magazine Cover: 8.5 x 11 in
  1. Logo: 500 x 500 px
  2. Facebook Ad: 1200 x 628 px
  3. Leaderboard: 728 x 90 px

Can I start my design from a custom size?

Currently, only FotoJet Plus subscribers can create a design from custom size in Design mode. On the Template page you will find the Custom Size feature at the top right place. Choose a preset size or input the exact width and height value you need to start.

Can I save my work and edit it later?

Currently, only FotoJet Plus subscribers can save their work as a project file for later editing. By clicking the "Save" button on the toolbar, you will save your current work to the cloud storage and load it for further editing at any time.

Collage Maker

How many photos can I add to make a collage at once?

There is no limitation to the amount of photos that you can add to FotoJet. While the more photos you add, the more computer resources it will take up. When a certain amount of photos are achieved, FotoJet will run slowly or freeze, which is partly determined by your computer performance.

How can I keep using same photos when changing templates?

Check Keep photos when changing template box at the bottom of template list, then you can keep using the same photos when switching between different templates.

How to set size for my outputted collage?

You can choose Small, Medium, Large or XLarge from the size combo box to change the size of your collage when saving it as a JPG/PNG image.

Can I change the frame size of a photo grid template?

You are able to change the frame size of a classic photo grid. Move your mouse to the side of a grid that you want to resize, then a blue line will appear, drag your mouse with the line to resize it at will.

Is it possible to customize a grid with photos as many as possible?

There are situations that you are not satisfied with our preset photo grid templates, and want to add photos as many as possible. Please choose a grid template, drag your photos to fill the grid frames. When all the frames are filled, continue to drag photos to the position where you desire.