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FotoJet's photo collage maker will help you make the perfect photo collage with myriad templates and layouts. Simply add your photos and edit freely to make a photo collage with fun and ease. And then you can use it to showcase your photos and share your stories.

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Get Your Collage Ideas from Massive Collage Templates

Whether you are going to make creative collages or photo grids, FotoJet's photo collage maker makes it easy and fun to express your minds. See what you'll come up with from these popular collage templates, such as birthday collage, wedding collage, anniversary collage, love collage and more.


There is a library of collage templates which you can easily customize. Choose any one of the layouts and edit with your creativity, then you can make amazing photo grids and classic collages. What's better, you can also create a photo montage from scratch!


Every moment of love is memorable and worthy of a stunning love collage. FotoJet's online collage maker also prepares for helping you memorize your love stories. From a heart shape collage to a Valentine's Day collage, you can always find a template to create artworks easily.


There are situations when you need photo collages to remember some special occasions. Whenever you need birthday collages, wedding collages, anniversary collage, etc., just come to FotoJet and unleash your creativity with the collage layouts and templates.


You can be more creative with FotoJet's collage maker. It also provides templates of creative collages, art collages and so on, so you can get your own collage ideas to create your arts.


Making collages is an aesthetic way to memorize family times, baby growing moments, friendship stories, etc. Simply drop your photos into a collage template and convey your messages, you can get a heartfelt and awesome collage.


Photo collage ideas not only come from beautiful templates, they also come from life. Songs you've heard, food you've tasted, places you've been, all of those are inspiration to create your collages for fashion, music, food and so on.


If you are keen to taking photos of animals, what can be better to collect your photos with animal collages. Whether you are a professional photographer or just someone who loves to take photos of your pets. Don't hesitate to make your cat collages, dog collages, etc. and share them with people.


Holidays create happy memories! You can memorize the happy time with Christmas collages, Halloween collages and so on. And don't forget to share your happy time with your family and friends too.


The beauty of seasons deserves stunning picture collages. Keeping the gifts of nature with winter collages, summer collages, autumn collages and spring collages has never been easier with FotoJet's collage creator.


Every amazing view you want to keep in mind can be memorize with photo collages now! With massive templates, you can easily customize your own landscape collages. The beauties of cities, sunsets, urbans can be kept forever.

What Can You Do With FotoJet Collage Maker

It's so much easy and quick to transfer your digital photos into a photo collage using FotoJet, by which your special moments will be remembered forever! As long as you can type on a keyboard and use a mouse, you can use FotoJet's free picture collage maker to make a personalized picture collage and share it with friends and family. You will definitely benefit from its dozens of free templates, and easy operations.

A List of Amazing Features at FotoJet You Can Benefit from

Various Templates & Layouts

FotoJet offers abundant collage templates and layouts that cover most occasions, such as photo grids, birthday collages, wedding collages and more.

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Add Text

There are 80+ fonts and 15+ text samples to choose from. Freely change font, size, color, style and effect to get an outstanding result.

add text

Add Photos

Add photos from computer, Facebook or stock photo. Simply adjust size, color or apply effect to highlight your photos.

add photo

80+ Shapes

A collection of shapes including lines, solid shapes, outlined shapes and outlined solid shapes can be added and edited at will.

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500+ Clipart Images

Hundreds of creative clipart images are the perfect additions to your collages including Love, Celebration, Lifestyle, Holiday and more!

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20+ Backgrounds

Set backgrounds for your collages with 20+ artistic background images to enhance the appearance of your photo collages.

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Handy Editing Tools

FotoJet offers many handy editing tools such as crop, rotate, resize, duplicate, undo/redo that let you to edit your collages easily.

edit tool

Save, Share or Print

To save your collage as an image or share it via social media is just one click away. You can even directly print it out online!

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Make a Photo Collage Online in 3 Steps

Choose a Template

Choose from dozens of photo collage templates to start.


Add photos and customize your collage freely.


Save your photo collage as image or share it online via social media.

Why Choose FotoJet Collage Maker?

800+ Templates & Layouts

Make collages that will impress people with classic photo grid layouts and various types of collage templates.

Abundant Resources

Myriad clipart images, shapes, fonts, backgrounds, etc. will boost your creativity in awesome ways.

Easy to Use

With only a few clicks, anyone can create amazing photo collages even without any experience.

No Registration Required

Try FotoJet for free, no download or registration required, effortless and time-saving!

Make a Photo Collage Online for Free Now

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Need a Software to Make Collages on Your Desktop?

Picture Collage Maker, an easy collage app offers you a simple way to make collages on your Mac and PC.