5 Tips on How to Design a Professional Flyer

Flyers are commonly used to promote business or events. If you want your promotion to be a success, you need a flyer that can stand out of the crowd. You may know how to design a flyer with FotoJet, but keep reading to learn how to improve your flyers to get more attention.

01.Write Your Content Down

Planning your content matters a lot since flyers carry more information than posters. Contents with distinct layers are easier to read and audience can get the point faster.

Always plan your content in 3 levels: title, subtitle and description.

A good title will draw audience' attention at the first sight. Use some powerful words to express the theme.

Subtitle can include some details such as when, where, how. Try to use simple words to tell about it clearly.

Description is used to give explanation about your events, it will give more specific information to your audience.

In the example below, audience will get a first impression of a rock music event. If he is fond of rock music, he will continue reading for more information.

Write content

02.Stick Out Points with Simple Text

After planning the content, it is time to start designing your flyer. Make sure that titles are striking with bold fonts, easy to read and to the points.

Make points simple

03.Place Elements Properly

How you place your elements when you design flyers will influence your design styles. There are tricks to help you balance the text and images of flyers. Use the lines to grid your flyer, two horizontal lines and two vertical lines will apart your flyer into 9 squares. Put important elements such as titles to the areas of two lines intersecting. It is the most noticeable points.

Place elements

04.Take Some Details into Consideration

If you are designing a flyer to find a lost pet, you'd better leave a space for your phone number or address, which people can take away. Thus, once they see your pet, they are able to contact with you immediately and you won't miss the chance to be with your furry family again.

Mind details

05.Break the Rules

There are always tips on how to design flyers professionally, sometimes, you need to be more creative. Be brave to use your ideas, when you want to use only black and white to add contrast and make an impact, just do it. You never know how far you can go on the way of designing flyers.

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