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Designing posters online has never been easier or more fun. FotoJet's poster maker is a quick and easy way to turn your creativity into stylish posters of all kinds. Its wide collection of free poster templates will give you a quick start to designing your own posters for any and all occasions, topics and interests.

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Plenty of Professional Poster Templates

FotoJet's online poster creator has a variety of beautifully and professionally designed poster templates just waiting to be used, which can either complete a project or be the inspiration and starting point for your own customized poster design.


Whenever you need an advertising poster or poster to advertise a sale or otherwise promote your business, you can always design a professional one without hassle, here at FotoJet. With a massive number of poster templates to choose from, it is easy to find your inspiration to fuel an incredible design.


For some occasions such as a birthday, wedding, or something else special, a custom poster design is a good way to celebrate, raise awareness of and add excitement to the special time. Feel free to design birthday posters, baby posters, wedding posters and more whenever you're inspired or have a job you need to get done!


Spread news about your events with custom posters that will have a serious impact, due to their quality. You can design posters for events in seconds with FotoJet's online poster maker. Start creating a poster that will boost the attendance of your events now!


FotoJet's free poster maker also keeps it simple to spread your ideas and theories artistically, attracting positive publicity. Its extremely large number of templates for propaganda posters, motivational posters and safety posters are all easily customized.

Art & Fun

Designing posters online can be such a fun way to express your artistic abilities and creative ideas and FotoJet makes it all possible. The stunning designs for wanted posters, vintage posters and other art posters are ready to help you unleash your inner artist!


There are so many wonderful times that deserve a beautiful poster to celebrate these periods of life. To praise a great friendship, an exciting game or an impressive love, just find a poster template and customize it with your heart.


Celebrating holidays with a beautiful poster design will spice up your happiness in unexpected ways. Creating Christmas posters or Halloween posters is as easy as doing a few simple clicks with FotoJet's Poster Creator.


Posters can play more roles than you think. Memorializing time with your furry friends and four legged family or helping your lost pet be found are another two smart uses for quality poster designs. Add your pet's photos and you will get a custom cat poster or dog poster that will create endless smiles easily.


Need a poster to capture natural beauty that you will cherish forever or use it to decorate your home? FotoJet comes with everything you need to design posters. Just choose a template and freely edit to customize one!

Some of the Things You Can Do With FotoJet Poster Maker

Have you ever wanted to design a poster like a pro without taking a long time to learn graphic design? Here, FotoJet's free online poster maker comes with an abundance of marvelous free poster templates to help you design the poster you want and need. With these awesome templates, you will definitely make your own posters that impress even though you are not a designer.

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Add photos and customize your poster design just the way you want it.

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700+ Templates

Massive templates including social media graphics, posters, cards, banners and more are easy to be customized.

Abundant Resources

Myriad clipart images, shapes, fonts, backgrounds, etc. will boost your creativity in awesome ways.

Easy to Use

With only a few clicks, anyone can create professional graphic designs even without any experience.

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