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Design your own travel posters online

Showcase your photos of travel adventures with travel posters you can create in minutes on FotoJet. With plenty of travel poster templates, the great poster maker will help you create awesome posters using your own photos, complete with hundreds of clipart images and art fonts. Simply put your photos into templates and edit freely to get your original photo posters.

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Popular Travel Poster Templates and Samples

It’s always better to get your travel poster ideas to create your arts. With the help of popular poster templates and samples, you could get more inspirations.

  • travel poster
  • travel poster
  • travel poster bubble
  • climb mountain poster
  • on the road poster
  • travel photography poster
  • HK poster
  • travel poster

What Can You Do With FotoJet Travel Poster Maker

FotoJet not only gives you power to design posters easily and quickly, but also give you endless travel poster ideas to share your travel stories. With plenty of templates, everyone could design fantastic travel posters without graphic design skills.

Make Photo Posters Online in 3 Steps

Choose Template

Choose from dozens of poster templates to start.


Add photos and customize your travel poster freely.


Save your poster as image or share it online via social media.