Great Facebook Cover Photo Ideas Provide by Design Inspiration

You may see a lot of Facebook covers every day, however, what you find them-all in the same key or each has its characteristics? I believe most of them are much the same, do you eager to create an outstanding Facebook cover photo to distinguishing from others. Just try FotoJet out, it ensures you wonderful Facebook cover photo design inspiration to have a unique one. There are numbers of Facebook cover photo ideas waiting for you.

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One: make your Facebook cover photo a pleasant one

All people love cute and splendid things. Just simply display some cute and beautiful scenery pictures on your Facebook cover so as to attract more friends here. It could be a nice Facebook cover photo idea to use such kind of Facebook cover photo templates.

Pleasant one

Two: play with patterns

Don't be afraid of pairing up some patterns in your Facebook cover design. In fact, the right patterns when put together can be a pretty Facebook cover photo design inspiration. Check out the clever use of patterns and photos in this cover by FotoJet.

Play with patterns

Three: show your favorite out

Everyone has a lot of favorite things want to share with others. I believe you must have some. Why not show them out on your Facebook cover? You will find that it not only shows people what kind of person you are but also shows your great Facebook cover photo design inspiration.

Show favorote

Four: exhibit the most memorable moments

Your Facebook cover should be a great idea of your own design inspiration. What is the most forgettable time of your life? Is there something special for you and you want to show out? Do not hesitate to exhibit the most memorable moments of you to your Facebook followers.

Most memorable moments

Five: let yourself be the center

This Facebook cover photo template is a simple one, with two spaces in the picture, where you can just make yourself as the central figure. At the same time, you can also show your pet beside you.

Most memorable moments

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