4 Steps to Make Fake Magazine Covers of Famous Magazines

When asked whether they want to make some fake magazine covers of famous magazines with personal photos, the answer of many people may be yes. But they will claim that it is not an easy thing to create famous magazine covers with their poor design skills. Don't be worried. With the help of online magazine cover maker FotoJet, you will be amazed at how effortless it is to make your own magazine covers.

TIME magazine may come into your mind when you think about the most famous magazine. So, in this article we'd like to take TIME magazine cover as an example to show some details about how to design a fake magazine cover with several easy steps as follows:

Step 1. Set the background

Enter https://www.fotojet.com/ and choose the DESIGN mode. Then click the Magazine Cover category and you will get a blank sketch to start your fake famous magazine cover design. Background is on the bottom of the design. So setting the background should be the first step. Since TIME magazine cover uses a bright red color background, you need to choose from the color picker or enter the color code to get the red color background. As the sample shows, entering color code E90015 will get this vivid red background.

Set a red background

Step 2. Add and adjust your photo

The next step you need to follow is to put your photo to the canvas. Just add photos from computer, Facebook or search from the stock photos. Click or drop the photo to the editing area. Stretch the photo to the proper size and set aside the red border on each side. Double click to crop the photo to make it show the part you prefer. You can also press the arrow keys to move the photo. There are also editing tools provided for you to give a personal touch on the photo.

Add and adjust the photo

Step 3. Edit the name of famous magazines

The inimitable symbol of the Famous magazine cover is the name text. Click the add text button and you will get a text box. Just edit the default word and type in the capital magazine name, then you will get the right font for TIME magazine name. Besides, using your font Times New Roman or our font Playfair Display can also get the same effect. Dont't forget to customize the size and turn it into red. More adjustments can also be met if you need.

Edit the magazine name

Step 4. Make a reasonable typography

Add more information and make the typography reasonable by using text tool to adjust the font, size, color and alignment. The size of the title should be bigger than subtitles. Take a overview on the fake magazine cover design and make it a perfect combination between text and photo.

Finished design

The easiness of designing fake magazine covers online with FotoJet will absolutely surprise you by following steps above! Go check it and create your arts.

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